Established in 1987
with the objective to invest considering both
Social and Economic returns

Focused on long-term,
global public
equity investments

Global portfolio
holdings valued
at $225 million

BRIC is currently investing in:


Agriculture remains Bangladesh’s most lucrative sector, accounting for a bulk of the GDP and responsible for employing almost 63 % of the population. The country is known for its fertile and thus productive soil.

Information Technology

IT sector encompasses and includes the manufacturing of electronics and software production; along with other products and services needed for easier access to information. BRIC’s IT concerns – DataSoft, Spacedawg

Renewable Energy

21st century dialogue focuses heavily on environmental issues and green sustainable energy. Company concerns in the area include – Direct Solar and Fisheries , Symbior Solar, Hero Future Energies

Renewable Energy Eco System and Logistics

Eco friendly logistics is designed to minimize the environmental and energy footprint of the business. Therefore, to produce renewable energy; the need for well formulated logistics is vital.

Financial Services

BRIC’s 360 VI provides a range of financial services aimed at helping companies monitor and process financial transactions.


The hospitality sector is rooted in providing customer service in areas such as Food and Beverage, Travel and Tourism and Accomodations. Relevant company concern - DirectFresh

Manufacturing and Real Estate

Manufacturing and Real estate is a profitable concern in most economies and the market has been evolving due to technological advances. Bangladesh in particular with its high population density, has real estate with exponential value.

Board of Directors

Iftekhar Karim

Founding Partner & President

Iftekhar Karim, ex international banker divides his time between Cyprus and the United Kingdom, where he was also educated. At age 37, retired from his professional banking career; he became the youngest full secretary Ambassador to the Kingdom of Brunei. He was appointed in 1985 by the Government of Bangladesh.

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Mishal Karim

Managing Partner & Vice President

Mishal Karim, a citizen of the United Kingdom joined the company as Vice President and Director after proving himself a successful entrepreneur. Mishal Karim focuses on developing early stage opportunities, building management teams to help grow brands and businesses.

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Portfolio Companies

Renata Limited (formerly Pfizer Limited) is one of the leading and fastest growing pharmaceutical and animal health product companies in Bangladesh.
DataSoft is a certified, software product and services company operating successfully in Bangladesh since 1998.
Far East Knitting & Dyeing Industries is concerned with knitting, dyeing, designing, manufacturing, and marketing readymade garments in Bangladesh and internationally.
Hero Future Energies, an independent power producer, part of the Hero Group, is focused on futuristic and clean energy.
Direct Fresh is Bangladesh’s first premium online grocery store, supplying and home delivering in Dhaka.
Renata Limited (formerly Pfizer Limited) is one of the leading and fastest growing pharmaceutical and animal health product companies in Bangladesh.
Direct Renewable Energy is concerned with developing Solar and Wind power generation farms, Solar Panel Installation and Renewable Energy project development and consultancy.
Symbior Solar combines local experience with state of the art solar PV power generation installations in Asia with a focus on the emerging markets of Thailand, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Indonesia, Malaysia.